Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Products I Have Been Loving Lately...

After reading Holly's post here about the brand new Batiste range of dry shampoos with a hint of colour, I knew I had to try it out because visible roots are the bain of my life!  My roots are ok until about 5-6 weeks after I have had my hair highlighted but because I tend to get a full head done every 7 weeks, I always have that period when my eyes are drawn to my dark roots every time I look in the mirror. 

So really, it's about time they created a product that's easy to use, effective and affordable.  The product comes in three shades:

Light: Blondes
Medium: Rich Brunettes & fiery Auburn
Dark: deep/darker shades of brown/black

I love this product because not only does it disguise my roots in the couple of weeks leading up to my hair appointment but it also injects much needed volume into my roots.  It's easy peasy to use, you just section off your hair, shake the can well, hold it 30cm away from your roots, rub in and you're good to go!  The instructions do say to brush it through but I didn't feel the need to do that.

They are priced at a very reasonable £2.99 at Boots.  I did have trouble finding the Light shade and had to look around a few stores to find it but always ask if they have some in their store room as I know Boots have alot of products in the back so sometimes they just need a reminder that it's not on the shelf!

Two warnings to pay attention to regarding this product are:
  •  Don't spray it near any dark or black clothing...it will coat it in a powdery residue!
  • Try to shield/cover your forehead and sides of your face whilst spraying or you might end up with powdery residue on your makeup.
Another wonder product that I heard of from various Pixiwoo videos, was the Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream.  Now I have mentioned before that I often have to switch my skincare regime around to make sure my skin doesn't get too used to any one product.  I sometimes suffer from dry skin on and around my nose due to my Psoriasis and I also get dry patches in my hair line, hands and elbows.

This cream is fabulous as a night time treat for me.  Although it claims to be a great base for makeup, I did find it SLIGHTLY too heavy to apply under my makeup.  I basically slather my face in this at night and it completely obliterated the dry patches on my face overnight! Brilliant! I was extremely impressed by this.  I have been applying it to my elbows and hands and the dry skin there has improved dramatically although it may take slightly longer to clear up.

I got my one from Boots and it was priced at £7.65.

A perfume that I have been obsessed with recently is Armani Code for women...man, do I love the smell of this stuff!  It has a blend of Madagascar vanilla, a touch of honey and Sambac jasmine from India.  It's quite a warm, sensual perfume and I love to wear it at night time. 

I also love the bottle from the shape of it to the pretty floral design.  My usual perfumes are YSL Elle or Gucci II to give you an idea of what I usually go for.  You can get the 30ml spray from The Perfume Shop for £36.50.
What's your favourite perfume of the moment?  Have you tried the Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of colour?  What creams do you recommend for dry skin?

I am absolutely LOVING this Beyonce ('Why Don't You Love Me') makeup look Tanya did over at pixi2woo on YouTube:

It really makes me wish I could wear eyeliner on my lower lashline! But because of my deep-set eyes with dark under eye circles, this dictates what I can and can't wear.  In fact...I love all of Beyonce's makeup looks in the video and I like the retro 50's feel to it all:

Have there been any makeup looks in music videos that have caught your eye recently?

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