Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Korres e/s, Exercise Tips and a Ramble

Hi Guys! I hope you are all having wonderful weather like us in Aberdeen! Finally, I've been able to break out my summer clothes from hibernation and actually wear them! Hallelujah! I love summer (doesn't everybody?) because the sunny days just make you feel lighter and more care-free. 
First up in this post, I just wanted to show you guys some new Korres eyeshadows I got because you know how much I love Korres!  I am a big fan of their Wild Rose foundation, powder and Lip Butters.  I generally favour the shimmering eyeshadows because they are the most pigmented and buttery ones.  These shades are all gorgeous neutrals that are perfect for creating an 'everyday' eye...
The swatches didn't come out that well on camera and look washed out but they look alot nicer in real life.  I especially love the Golden and Golden Brown shades.  I have been wearing these two shades on my lids with golden skin and coral/pink lipgloss (MAC Pink Lemonade looks amazing with these!).  It's a really lovely paired down, quick, summery look. 

Pictured below is a MAC palette (top section removed) which now holds my Korres eyeshadows.  I found by removing the top section, it creates alot more room to house larger eyeshadow pans.  My favourite shades in this palette are Sky Blue, Silver and Golden Bronze.  These shades in particular have CRAZY pigmentation and they are so, so velvety smooth.  They have a gorgeous sheen to them and in my opinion, they are probably the highest quality eyeshadows that I own. 
As I mentioned above, I adore the Jasmine Lip Butter that comes in a little tub...it has a gorgeous pale pink sheen to it and smells of creme brulee...yummy! I'm loving the Mandarin Lip Butter in stick form because it also smells lovely and have a sheer pale pink tint to it.  It's so handy to chuck in my bag and I much prefer to wear light tinted lip balms in summer, in the daytime than full on lipstick.  It just enhances your lips without lookinf like you're wearing too much makeup.  It also leaves my lips really soft anf smooth.
I have just done another vid for my YouTube channel on Exercise tips as promised.  It's not a video about the technicalities of different exercises, but more tips on how to stick to your gym visits and feel better about your body.  I think if you're looking for professional advice on exercises and how to avoid injuries, then it's best to go to a trainer at your local gym.  They are equipped with the knowledge to get you started.  I just wanted to share a few little things that have helped me persevere with my fitness program.  I hope they are helpful!

I weighed myself as normal yesterday and I have lost another 1lb in the last week.  Although I was hoping to lose 2lbs, I noticed that my fat % has gone down and my muscle % has gone up significantly.  So as I said in my weightloss video, this shows me that I have made more progress than just losing 1lb.  I have another dress fitting at the bridal store on Friday, but I still have 4 and a half weeks until the wedding to work my ass off and get in the best shape I can.

On a completely random note, I am LOVING this song by Plan B at the moment! I love the echoey-retro feel to it, like some of the old motown records...

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