Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Times/Bad Times


1) The weightloss is going so well and I lost another 1lb this last week.  Since I have been on the Slim Fast, I've found that my stomach has shrunk alot and I eat much smaller portions.  I've found that I can have a couple of 'bad' days a week and still lose 1-2lbs regardless.  For example, at the weekend, I can have a nice lunch out complete with a latte, a fry up in the morning or a big sunday roast with a dessert and as long as I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, then I still lose the weight.  I love the fact that I'm not on a strict regime and most of it is just being consistent with my visits to the gym.  I'm currently doing an hour long session, 4 times a week (5 times on a really good week).  I do a 5 min warm up/stretches, 30 minutes of cardio, 20 mins of weights and 5 mins cool down/stretches.  This works a treat for me and because I change my programme every 4 weeks, with the help of a trainer (a free service), I can always ensure that my body isn't getting too used to the same routine.  I think this is the key to consistent weightloss, keep pushing your body and surprising it with new exercises.  I'm really getting into the Green Tea too, I actually really look forward to my two cups a day now and I hardly drink any normal tea or coffee.  The Power Plate is also working wonders in toning my upper body!

2) The weather seems to have picked up today and the sun is well and truly out.  I was popping into town for a few things this morning and thought "oh I'll chuck on some sandals" and then realised that I hadn't painted my toenails...hate it when that happens.  I can't stand getting my toes out unless they are painted so I just had to wear my usual shoes.  Is it just me or is everyone that particular about their tootsies?

3) I'm really indulging in some guilty pleasures at the moment.  These are always things that you are often too embarassed to tell other people about because it might seem silly, over indulgent or just plain embarassing.  I am hooked on a few shows that I know, in reality, are downright ridiculous and not true to life but hey, it's escapism of the highest degree.  These shows include Jerseylicious, The Hills, The City and Four Weddings.

This is a clip where Tracey shows us how to get 'The Perfect Tease' and also how to poison yourself with over-exposure to hairspray! So funny...

I dunno what it is about trashy, reality tv that appeals to me but I love the drama (albeit fake) and general over-the-top-behaviour.  I think anything that's a big departure from your own lifestyle is entertaining...although Chris doesn't agree and often moans that my brain cells are slowly going to be melted away by watching these kinds of shows!

4) I'm loving all the free gifts that magazines are giving away at the moment! We are very lucky in the UK that we get so many lovely things with our mags.  First it was Glamour giving away Benefit pencils, and now I've spotted that Red are giving away a free full-sized Jemma Kidd Make Up School lipgloss worth £14 with their latest issue (available in their 3 top selling shades...I have the peach one and it's AMAZING!). 

I bought Elle magazine at the weekend and got a free navy blue and white Reiss beach bag.  It's available in animal print or stripey navy/white as well.  I love the cotton bag and I'll definitely be taking it on my honeymoon!


1) I'm on top of the world this week so there ARE no bad times! yah!

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