Thursday, June 24, 2010

Burberry's New Makeup Line

When I first heard last year that Burberry were launching their own makeup line, I was interested in seeing what they would come up with.  We have already seen the delectable offerings from D & G which I am STILL coveting.  I'm not a huge fan of Burberry clothes, especially the infamous tartan, as this has been hijacked in the UK and is often worn in spades by people with no style whatsoever.  You need evidence? Here you go (avert your eyes if you are of a particularly delicate disposition)...
However, I think people's perception of the brand has recently been transformed from a stuffy, traditionlist insitution to a young, fresh and dare I say it, pretty cool label.  Ever since Emily Watson was brought on board to star in their ad campaigns, I have been lusting after my very own iconic trench coat.  I really like the messed up hair, teamed with edgy smokey eyes and a nude lip...
I was flicking through the latest copy of Elle magazine yesterday and came across some pics of the new makeup line.  I have to say it left me feeling cold and all seemed a bit too beige and 'blah'.  Even the packaging looks boring to me.  I think there's are just too many muted shades, especially considering it's being launched in the summer months.  I know the concept was to base it on the clothing range but this is the time of year when us beauty addicts start craving neutrals with an edge...a golden glisten, a hint of sheen or a monochrome finish.  It just seems like Burberry have gone down the unadventurous road when they could have surprised us all with a Emily-Watson-inspired fresh take on things.
What do you think of the collection?

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