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Various Spring 2011 Makeup Collections (Pic Heavy!)

I get excited by all the different makeup collections that are released each season by varying makeup brands so I thought it would be fun to do a bumper post on a few of them for Spring!  Would be nice to get everyone's thoughts and opinions on what has caught their eye.


The limited edition collection by MAC Cosmetics titled Jeanius will be available to buy on March 3rd in the US and will be shortly after for the UK (date to be confirmed). This collection is based around a denim theme with varying shades of blue, grey and also some pinks and purples.  Here's a quick overview:

Although very 'novelty', I do think the design of the eyeshadow pan is quite cool!

Diva In Distress - a middle-tone gray with a silver pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap 
Motorhead - a middle-tone blue with a copper pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap 
Stove Pipe Black - a black/gray shade with a copper pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap
White Jeanius – a white shade with a silver pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap

Acid Washed Grayish - a pearled beige
Pretty Please – a soft pink pearl shade
Riveting Rose Deep – a burgundy/violet pearled shade

Acid Washed Grayish - a pearled beige
Pretty Please – a soft pink pearl shade
Riveting Rose Deep – a burgundy/violet pearled shade

Overdyed Bright – a magenta shade
Pink Cult – a lovely pale pink shade

Biker Blue - a dark blue colored polish with pink and electric blue shimmers
Frayed-to-Order - a whitish pink nail polish with pearl shimmers
 The Penultimate brow maker and eye liner in Rapidblack will also be in the collection.

Images courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

The Giorgio Armani Transluminence Spring 2011 collection features shades as silver, green, purple and blue, whilst opting for lighter tones, more delicate tones on the cheeks.  Megan Fox fronts the ad campaign with a sultry, smokey eye...

The Transluminence Collection includes:
Eyeshadow Palette with shades as: iris purple, jungle green, melting snow as well as carbon black. 
The Translucent Pale Pink Powder 
Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush of a pale pink shade 
Waterproof Eyeliners in: Classic Black, Modern Brown and Grass Green
Lip Balms in: Dawn Pink (518), Petal Pink(503) and Early Morning Rose (508).
Images courtesy of giorgioarmanibeauty

 D & G
The Secret Garden Collection for Spring 2011 features warm nudes and cool neutrals; pastel blushes and tender pinks; silvery greys and soft floral highlights of lilac and pale turquoise. There's alot of tone-on-tone colour and shimmer.

Smooth Eye Colour Quad (Eden 157)

Lipgloss (Secret 136)

Lipgloss (Bon Bon 57)

Shine Lipstick (Romance 95)

Shine Lipstick (Love 136)

Intense Nail Lacquer (Platinum 90)

Illuminator - "a sumptuous powder of extreme versatility in signature Dolce & Gabbana gleaming gold compact.  Lends a glamorous glow and a fresh radiance, adding seductive highlights and sly hints of shimmer and shine".

Smooth Eye Colour Duo (Romance 120)

 Also available: Eyeliner in White (13) and Lilac (14) 
Luminous Cheek Colour (Delight 35)
Availability: January/February 2011

Images courtesy of D&G


Candy colors and super-smooth textures are on offer by the Yves Saint Laurent in their Boheme Libertine Spring 2011 makeup collection.  You'll find bright colors which denote springtime.

The Gloss shades to choose from are:
•Golden Isolence
•Golden Obsession
When it comes of Eye Shadows the available colors are:
•Gold Leaf
•Topaz Blue
The Mascara Singulier will also be available in Deep Plum.

Images courtesy of YSL

 The Dior Spring 2011 makeup collection is based around the endless shades of silver and grey to radiate  high class and elegance.


The pic above includes the following products:
•Dior 5 Color Designer Eye Palette 
•Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow 
•Dior Cannage Palette

•Serum de Rouge Lip Treatment in 2 shades 
•Addict Ultra Gloss in Gray and Pink 
•Rouge Dior Lip Color

Additionally the set also includes:

•Mascara Diorshow
•Dior Eyeliner Pencil 
•Dior One-Color Eyeshadow 
•Dior Vernis Nail Varnish in gray and soft pink.

To contrast this concept, here's some pics of how makeup artist, Pat McGrath, interpreted this collection in the Dior catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week (Spring 2011) creating vivid, acid 1950's looks with the brighter shades available...

Images courtesy of Dior

Guerlain Spring 2011 collection is due to arrive in counters on the 15th of January 2011.
Ecrin 6 Couleurs Precious Eyeshadow Palette - Rue de Rivoli

This Eyeshadow Palette is available in 6 colors - a mixture of neutral tones, bright fuchsia and grape/lilac shades. It contains matte and shiny textures.

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

This is a compact blusher with four different shades that can be apparently used together or individually to add a beautiful radiance to the skin.   It has been designed so you can use the lighter shade as a highlighter and work the darker shades to contour the cheeks. 

Rouge G Serie Noire

Spring 2011 lipsticks will be available in four different shades:

Dazzle Fuchsia  
Dazzle Rose  
Rouge Sensual
Orange Euphoric
Meteorites Compact Pressed Powder

These compact styles will be available in 3 shades:

Teint rose
Teint beige 
Teint dore
You can see the full collection on this blog

Photos courtesy of Guerlain

Les Perles de Chanel Makeup Collection for spring 2011

This makeup collection by Chanel was inspired by pearls which would embody the iridescent reflections of pearls.

The collection includes a new format of eye shadows – quints Ombres Perlees De Chanel

“CHANEL has created a tailor-made case to hold all of this magic. The classic black case becomes rectangular to contain five iridescent shades captured in a rich cream texture that glides smoothly over the skin. Blanc perlĂ©, Rose porcelaine, Violine clair, Gris vert and Gris noir scintillant offer a bewitching odyssey with each sumptuous and capricious colour. The exquisitely fresh eye shadows are applied easily with the double-tipped foam applicator or fingertips. They can even stray from the eyelids to enliven cheekbones with a touch of shine.”

Poudre Universelle Compacte
Rose Merveille, a pale pink with subtle sparkles for a halo of light.
Joues Contraste 
Espiegle, a silken rosy peach blush.

Rouge Coco
Jersey Rose, a pink that flatters all skin tones, to wear to your heart’s desire.
Peregrina, a delicate coral for the great outdoors.

Rouge Allure 
Flamboyante, a rosy red that shimmers like a promise of happiness. 
Coquette, a vivid, energising pink, steeped in radiance.

Le Crayon Levres  
Levres Scintillantes  
Nakkar, an intrepid soda pink warmed by golden facets. 
Aragonite, leaves a sheer finish of subtle pink and blue flecks on the lips

Le Vernis
Pearl Drop, pure and white in natural daylight, it reveals golden reflections under evening light. 
Black Pearl, a pearly grey shimmering with deep blue and green reflections, like a black pearl from the Pacific.
Peche Nacree, a soft and feminine shade that opts for a tender bronze effect.

Les 4 Ombres
Regard Perle, a palette dominated by a trio of pale, sunny tones, waiting for a dash of sparkling anthracite green to reveal all the facets of their character.
Le Crayon Yeux
Gris Scintillant, gives a dramatic attitude to light eyeshadows and emphasises the sophisticated style of darker colours.

Pics courtesy of Chanel.

On this photo from Paris Fashion Week you can see the makeup being applied on Erin Wasson.

And here is the next nail polish which is called Black Pearl in bottle and on nails. Plus the final look of the models from the catwalk show...

Photos are from Vogue

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