Monday, January 10, 2011

Rihanna's New Perfume & A Few Product Raves

I had no idea that Rihanna was bringing out a perfume until I randomly stumbled across the info today on MSN.  With some further research, I found these images, courtesy of  The scent is called Reb’l Fleur and it will begin rolling into department stores stateside on January 25th (priced at $49 for a 1.7 oz. bottle) and it is hoped it will be introduced to international markets within three months.

Apparently the name Reb'l fleur was chosen because Rihanna's grandmother used to call her 'Rebel Flower'.  The scent will be a mixture of ripe fruits and sumptuous florals, as well as a musky mix of vanilla, patchouli and amber.  It sounds interesting! I'm not a fan of the bottle though...I think they could have created something like a gorgeous clear crystal rose head with faux silver barb wire around it to link in with the pale pink rose she's holding in the ad campaign.  That would have given the idea of softness with a tough edge.  That's just my opinion though, I just don't feel that the bottle matches the feel of the promo pics.

I have to say that I adore the makeup and hair in the promotional pic below! It looks like they have created a really nice smokey eye with varying tones of purple and a really pretty highlight on the cheekbones.  It contrasts her red hair in such a gorgeous way and her eyes look amazing...

Rihanna also posted a twitpic recently from the “Fly” video shoot with Nicki Minaj but a release date hasn't been detailed as yet.  Rihanna's makeup in the pic below looks very similar if not the same as the look from her perfume ad's but with more subtle false lashes.  It'll be interesting to see what the styling will be like for the video because Nicky Minaj has this Harajuku Barbie look going on so she often looks like a cartoon character which I secretly love.  She takes everything to the extreme...those false lashes are crazy as is the hair and saftey hazard outfit!  She could have Rihanna's eye out with one of those...the spikes I mean! ha ha.

When I heard the title of the song, I expected it to be an upbeat number about how fine they are.  BUT it's actually more of a 'believe in yourself' kind of ditty.  Not sure about it yet but it could be a grower.  What do you think? 

I wanted to do a few random raves about products I have been using over the last few weeks and have been really impressed by.  First up is this SBC Advanced Skin Care Propolis Gel, I got my 250ml pump bottle for £32.35 from here.  Here's the blurb "Light textured, easily absorbed, non-sticky, water-based gel.  Propolis wax is created by bees to protect the hive. Rich in minerals, vitamins and bio-flavanoids. Possesses anti-bacterial and moisturising properties. Helps to calm sensitive skin.  May be especially helpful on chapped skin".  Now if you have normal skin then you could stick to your usual moisturisers but for people like me, with Psoriasis, I have to take extra care of my skin.  I absolutely hate heavy moisturisers that leave a sticky, oily residue on your skin because it feels horrible and it slowly ruins your clothes.  This gel is so light, it absorbs almost immediately but it leaves my skin so nourished and soft and it has really clamed my skin condition.  You can get great deals on this gel on channels like QVC too so it's best to wait for a promotional item on there to bag yourself a couple for cut price.  This gel is also the PERFECT pre-self tanning moisturiser.

I can say without a doubt that L'Occitane's Shaving Gel For Men is the best I have ever come across.  Don't be put off by the fact it's for men, I actually like the sandlewood, masculine scent anyway.  I have been using this about 3 years now and I can't use any other shaving gel because it just doesn't match up to this product.  It's more expensive at £11 for 150ml can from here (with free delivery) but it lasts for absolutely ages because it's so rich and creamy, you only need a tiny amount.  Chris won't use any other shaving gel now so he's well and truly converted as well.  The gel contains Cade (Juniper) and Lavandin essential oils which both help to prevent cuts, irritation and dryness.  I used to get loads of little red bumps on my legs after shaving but I've never had that problem with this product.  My skin feels gorgeous after using this HAVE to try it! If you have a L'Occitane store near you then ask for a free sample, they always have loads.  You will never want to use any other shaving gel ever again!

Because I get my hair highlighted, I have to take extra care over the ends to ensure they don't get dry and straw-like.  I started using John Frieda Sheer Blonde Healthy Attitude Leave-In Nourishing Spray by applying it to my hair whilst damp, then blowdrying.  It has a dual effect of acting as a heat shield and also nourishing the hair at the same time.  It has made a big difference to the tecture of my hair as it feel really soft and silky now and also super shiny.  I bought it for £4.99 from Boots, the price seems to have gone up slightly to £5.10 but I'm guessing that's because of the recent increase in VAT rates.

I was watching City Of God last night on Sky.  It's a Brazilian (subtitled) crime thriller made in 2002, which I have on dvd already but it's such a brilliant film, I was happy to watch it for the 5th time.  If you get a chance to see it, then grab it, I really recommend it.  I know some people can't be bothered with subtitled films but this is really worth it.  City of God is based on a true story that takes place in the 1960's, where in the slums of Rio De Janeiro, two boys growing up in the neighborhood take different paths in life. The story is told through eyes of Buscape, a poor young fisherman's son who dreams of becoming a photographer one day. His story narrates the violence and corruption surrounding the city and the rise and fall of one of the city's most notorious boss', Li'l Ze.  As war wages on the streets, Buscape's only way out of this violent life is to expose the brutality of this world through his pictures. Along the way the lives of others are put into perspective as their stories intersect with the events that take place.

Another subtitled film that is very much worth the extra work of reading is Pan's Labrynth.  It's set in 1944, in the post-Civil War in Spain and it depicts rebels still fighting in the mountains against fascist troops. A young girl, Ofelia, travels with her pregnant and sick mother Carmen Vidal to the country to meet and live with her stepfather, the sadistic and cruel Captain Vidal.. During the night, Ofelia meets a fairy and together they go to a pit in the center of a maze where they meet a faun that tells that her she is a princess from a kingdom in the underground. He also tells that her father is waiting for her, but she needs to accomplish three gruesome, tough and dangerous assignments first.  If you liked Lord Of The Rings, then chances are you'll like this film.  I think it's one of the best films I've seen in the past few years, just because it's so unique.

Don't you just love those movie voice overs...I've got a double chin trying to do an impression of it now so thank god you can't hear me! I always end up in a coughing fit when I do that voice! ha ha.  So a very mixed post today, but you know me, I never stick to just one subject!

Have you seen either of these films? Are you excited about Rihanna's perfume or her song with Nicky Minaj?

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