Friday, January 28, 2011

New CID Cosmetics Palette Review & Topshop Jewellery

I am a big fan of palettes that have multiple products in them so I can chuck them in my case when I'm heading off on holiday.  On my recent trip to Cork, I took the New CID Cosmetics Eyes, Lips & Cheeks palette with me and I just wanted to do a quick post on my thoughts.  It contains 3 shimmering eyeshadows and one matte, 3 lipglosses and a blush.  It has a mirror in the lid, a double ended applicator and it's priced at £24.00. 

I was looking for the most compact palette I had to create day time looks and this one more than fit the bill.  The three shimmering eyeshadows in ivory, light taupe, dark taupe and matte mid-brown create a very natural, softly defined eye for daytime.  I just brushed the lightest shade all over the lid, defined the socket-line and outer edges with the mid shade, then used the darkest brown to add more depth and tidy up my brown eyeliner.  The ivory shade makes an awesome highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes too.

The matte brown (used lightly) makes a great brow powder too so there was no need to take anything extra with me in regards to that!

The eyeshadows have fantastic pigmentation and create a really pretty sheen on the eyes without looking glittery - perfect for daytime wear.  They went on smoothly, blended extremely well and lasted all day when applied over a good base (I used Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ocre).  The matte shade takes a bit more work but from experience, they always do because they do not have as much dimension to them as the shimmery shades.

Here's some swatches of the eyeshadows to give a better idea of how they look once applied...

At first I thought the lipglosses might be a little bit bright but they apply very sheer and leave a really nice juicy, strawberry pink on the lips.  The first two shades below are ever so slightly shimmery, whilst the third along has no shimmer whatsoever so you can choose which finish you like best.  I also experimented with mizing the blush with the lipglosses.  This gave them a slightly peachier tone and looked great too.

The blush in this palette is just plain gorgeous for Spring/Summer! It's a vibrant peachy pink that brings life to your face.  You only need to dab your blush brush in this VERY gently to pick up enough product.  It made my face look really fresh!  I was very impressed because sometimes blushes in these types of palettes can lack quality or have chunks of glitter in them but this once applies smoothly, blends beautifully and lasts all day.

So in conclusion, this palette is well worth investing in if you travel alot or like to keep your makeup in your bag to re-apply during the day.  All the products in it are high quality and super wearable, it really does save you from lugging around loads of different products too.  It's lightweight but it feels well made and sturdy, compact and I love the white and hot pink packaging.  Thumbs up on this one!

When I was in Cork shopping with Maddie, I popped into Topshop to check out their Spring collections and I couldn't help but be distracted by all the lovely jewellery!  They have so many gorgeous pieces for Spring/Summer!  I didn't pick anything up at the time because all these stores are more expensive in Ireland in comparison to Scotland so I wanted to wait till I got home.  I had never paid much attention to Topshop's jewellery in the past but seeing all those lovely things has made me think again!

The first piece on my hit list is this amazing turquoise pendant...

I am truly obsessed with turquoise jewellery in summer! There's something about that colour against fresh white clothes and a tan that just looks amazing..  I love the delicate gold effect chain detail on this necklace and the way it falls over the stone.  It WILL be mine!

Now I don't even have my ears pierced...but these make me want to get them done! How pretty would these be on holiday!  I love the pale pink colour of the beads and they would look amazing against any colour of hair!  Maybe I should go get my ears pierced now?! Or maybe that would just make me want to buy a truckload of earrings...

I always crave silver jewellery in winter and as soon as Spring/Summer rears it's head, I gravitate more towards gold shades.  I think the above bracelets are so lovely and I really like the battered look to them, together with the delicate charms.  So pretty!

And now for the song that boosted me to do an extra 5 mins on the cross trainer at the gym this morning.  It's a feel good tune and I like the sentiment being the lyrics too. 

What do you think of the jewellery at Topshop?  What song is currently most played on your iPod at the gym?

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