Monday, January 31, 2011

things that make you go mmmm....

                                                                kanyes ex is a G.I jane way

stylin pic of pete doherty (hav'nt herd much bout him of late - good sign he's bac on top things)

the 'new' linds looking good SOBER .. !

byron bay ... where u'd rather b ....

SUMMER = FESTIVALS (hope you all been getting amongst it) ! .x

hey foxy lady ... !

ain't that guy from the o.c ???

surfing MAUI @ nite = legend !

jake gordon blowing up right now !

weezy ... loving being outta the clink !

natalia kills - watch out for this girl.....

'life' Keith Richards Autobiography 
just finished reading it ... he has lived THE LIFE ..

alysha is sexy !

my floating pirate palace .... 

where i'd dock !

this chic is amazing ... !



lala land ...

shaun white getting his drift on..
(go to bfgoodrich tires for more info)

some people have some heavy ink ! ...

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