Monday, January 10, 2011

Finally! We Got The Pro Wedding Photos!

We got our wedding photo album the other week but we have been waiting patiently to get the digital copies so we can share the pics with our friends.  There's a few we definitely want to get printed.  The photographer did a great job and we were really happy with the way the pics turned out.  His style is a little different from your usual wedding photographer because he also does fashion photography so he gives you alot of direction.  Thank god for that because I had no idea what I was doing! ha ha.  I didn't include any of the bridesmaids or too many of the family as I'm not sure they would want to be plastered all over my

I like the sepia effect of this pic because it makes it look retro and that bit more glamourous.

I actually got into the dress in this room at the cottages we were renting, because I needed the room to deal with all the underskirts!  No one had seen me in the dress except for my mum and my mother in law, who helped me get into it.  This is when I started to get a bit nervous!

Typical Irishmen! This pic makes me laugh and I like the informal, fun feel to it.

Ahhh, my handsome husband, Chris.  He decided he wanted to wear a kilt for the wedding.  He chose a family tartan so it had a soecial meaning.  Irish folk wore kilts back in the day too and continue to do so, like the Scottish, as symbol of Celtic identity.

This was taken to the side of the cottages where were were staying on the weekend of the wedding.  It was so picturesque and just beautiful! There was a woodland next to us with a big stream bubbling over rocks.  It was great that we had such a lovely backdrop so close by.

This was taken in the car as I arrived at the venue for the ceremony.  I was was feeling a mixture of complete happiness, excitement and slight nerves about everyone staring at me.  I was terririfed I would trip and fall over!ha ha.

This photo makes me and my dad laugh because he looks totally bereft and miserable!ha ha.  My mum also told him off for not holding his arm up at a 90 degree angle.  He said he was feeling so many different emotions and that it hadn't sunk in that I was actually getting married until he started walking down the aisle with me.  He said it was difficult to hand his child over to be looked after by someone else.  Awww bless!

This was taken after we gave our vows and I love the way he made it look like we were the only two people there.  The photo has a really intimate feel to it and it's one of my favourites.

We had already signed the register but we were asked to pose and pretend we were signing it.ha ha.  We were both in a complete bubble that day and everything went so fast.  The ceremony felt like it only lasted 10 minutes when in reality, it lasted about 40 mins.

I love the shape of that window that looked out onto Loch Lomond.  It was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony given that me and Chris both love the outdoors.

There was alot of laughing during the ceremony from myself and Chris because we were both a bit nervous so if either of us did something wrong or tripped up on ours words, we just started giggling.

The ceremony had finished and we were whisked away to have our photo taken back at the cottages 5 mins up the road.  We were both just constantly beaming with cheesy smiles.  I've never felt that kind of bubbling, excited happy that I felt that day...I couldn't have wished for a more perfect wedding day from the weather to the ceremony to the meal and evening.

The stream and woodland was a great place to get some more arty shots taken.  At one point the photgrapher asked me to face Chris, then for him to lean me back over the side of the railings, with my train over the side.  It was almost touching the water at that point! I had this horrible thought as I was leaning back that the old railing might not be able to take the weight of both of us.  I wouldn't have been too happy if we had both fallen in! ha ha.

This was the front door to the cottage my mum and dad were staying in and since it had the cool antlers above the door (they were fake I might add!), we thought it would make a great pic.  It's weird getting direction from a photographer because it's A LOT harder than you would think.  You're concentrating on getting every part of your body in the right place and angle.  I was really tired after the marathon of photographs!lol.

We went down to the pier in the small village next to the venue and there were loads of tourists was Loch Lomond afterall!  They were all watching us as we posed for our photographs so that was a bit embarassing! There were old women saying "awww, young love".ha ha.

This photograph was a really tough one to take because I was having to look directly into the sun's glare so I kept squinting or sneezing.  It took a while to get the shot and by then my stomach was killing me from tensing my abdominal muscles for so long!ha ha.  I even got a little round of applause from the tourists watching from the pier above because they saw what I went through.  What you can't see in the pic is that there were two people having their lunch in the boat next to me so they were watching me the whole time!

I really like this photo because it just looks like we're having a casual chat with are always better when they are less posed I think.  They always come across more natural that way.

I was really happy with the cake.  I bought it from M&S for only £120, it was just a plain cream icing cake with a waterfall arrangement of cream fondant roses down the front.  I got the florist to add some thistles into the design and a corsage of cream roses, thistles and greenery on the top.  All the professional cakes I looked at were £600+ so I thought I did really well to come up with this for only £150, including the extra flower arrangement!  You dont have to spend a fortune to get something special.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing my wedding photographs!

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