Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Intruiging Possibilities For Super Bowl XLV

Just how intriguing can this year’s Super Bowl be? Let’s now look at what are some of the match ups and scenarios that could be possibilities after the AFC/NFC championship games end:

Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Two historic franchises could frame the ultimate David and Goliath-type of match up if they have their way in their conference finals.

The Steelers would be the out-right favorite as the stronger team on both sides of the ball that could brew up headaches for the Packers coaching staff. Pittsburgh is a team that has seen it all, done it all, and facing a potent Green Bay offense will not scare their defense.

After playing through two road games though, the Packers could surely enhance their confidence going into the Super Bowl if they could knock off the Bears in Chicago.

Key Match Up: Aaron Rodgers arm vs Troy Polamalu’s Defensive Instincts

Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers

If you are a fan of old school football, bone-crunching tackles, and an all out war between two sides, pray that this will be the two teams that come out of championship week successful.

Both teams have strong beliefs that they have the best defense in the league; but can you blame them? They both play in divisions that require top notch, smash mouth hitters on the defensive side of the ball. Toughness is the identity both defenses wear on their sleeves like tattoos.

Yet, despite having the ability to stop their opposition from scoring, putting up points will be more of a problem for both squads. Both are capable of making plays on offense, but that will be a more difficult task to accomplish against the other’s defense. So if you like high scoring and big offensive plays, you better hope this isn’t how the Super Bowl ends up when the dust clears on championship weekend.

Key Match Up: Chicago’s Offense vs Pittsburgh’s Offense

Chicago Bears vs New York Jets

This is quite an intriguing match up for teams whose offenses are like old, rundown cars: sometimes they have trouble starting and often end up stalling towards the end of the ride.

While the Jets defense is not on an elite level as the Bears or Steelers are, their resume during this post season run says otherwise. If you can contain a Colts and Patriots offense (led by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady) from scoring more than your offense that is questionable in terms of when it will show up, then you should have that swagger of feeling elite. Yet, both New England and Indianapolis don’t have defenses like the Bears do.

The key on both sides will be special teams, as each have weapons that can make big splashes in the return game (Devin Hester for Chicago and Antonio Cromartie for New York). Field position will be the ultimate key in a game where both offenses need as much help as possible.

Key Match Up: Chicago Bears Special Teams vs New York Jets Special Teams

Green Bay Packers vs New York Jets

Who wouldn’t want to see these two storied franchises, who combined to win the first three Super Bowls ever played, go up against each other for a title for the first time ever?

This match up would have the most common playing field in terms of talents and strength if these historic teams were to face off against each other. Both have young quarterbacks that are looking to prove they belong in the discussion as elite talents. Their offenses are similar in that they are stronger at one facet of the game (Jets running game and Packers passing ability) than the other (Jets passing game and Packers rushing ability).

Both defenses are exceptional, especially against the pass, but it is the Jets that have the advantage on stopping the ground game than the Packers are. It would also be an intriguing match up on the sidelines with Ryan’s abrasive, boisterous personality against coach Mike McCarthy’s calm, serene demeanor.

Key Matchup: Packers Run Defense vs Jets Run Offense

Anyway you look at it, the potential battles that the Super Bowl may entail is exciting to imagine. Aside from the great match ups, this year’s game or winner could give a refreshing new look for one of the most watched sports events every year. Of the remaining teams, only the Pittsburgh and Chicago are also the only teams of the last four that have played in the game since 2000 (and only the Steelers have won a title since the turn of the new decade).

Intriguing…isn’t it?

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