Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update, Review & Honeymoon Clothes Haul

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been very active on my blog in the last few days.  The wedding is now only 3 weeks away and there are loads of things that I have to keep on top of.  I'm glad to say it's all going really well though and I have a few wedding related posts coming up regarding makeup and the honeymoon.

On a more serious note, I actually got some awful news this morning and I wasn't even going to blog today but I really needed something to take my mind off it.  Remember I did a post mentioning that my dad's best friend, George, who was in a coma after a bad fall? I had been to visit him in Intensive Care at the hospital on Thursday morning and I have to say that I found it really hard to see him like that.  He looked so helpless and vulnerable, nowhere near the happy joker that we all know and love.  I tried to be as strong as I could and was breathing deeply as I walked down the hospital corridors, trying to prepare myself.  But despite all that, I completely broke down when I turned the corner and saw him.  It took me a while to get myself together enough to sit and talk to him, I just stroked his arm and told him how much we all wanted him to wake up.  He has always been my dad's best friend for over 25 years and they are so funny when they're together, they always seemed like silly teenagers in eachothers company.   My mum phoned me this morning to tell me that sadly George died last night.  I have tears in my eyes as I write this because he was only 52 years old and he leaves behind a wife and two daughters.  His twin sister, Yvonne is also good friends with my mum as they both practice Reiki.  He had over 200 people visiting him since he had the accident last week.  Everyone loved George, he was such a good, kind-hearted, funny, genuine man and he will be sorely missed by many people.  I will always remember that when he met Chris, my fiance, for the first time, he said to him "you need to get a ring on that girl's finger boyo!".  He was so looking forward to the wedding and being able to get dressed up in his kilt and I know he will be there in spirit to celebrate with us.  We will definitely be toasting him during the speeches because he touched all of our lives in such a special way.

I almost felt guilty about doing something so shallow like blogging after hearing such serious news, but I need to keep myself occupied because whenever I stop and think about it, I get too upset.
I have been meaning to do a review of the Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara for a while.  I picked it up whilst browsing in Boots (I do that alot!).  I don't know why I feel the need to buy every new mascara?  I think I'm always looking for the greatest mascara for the greatest price!  It's very comparable to the Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara in effect and formula, however, the rubber brush is ALOT fatter.  I found it a bit awkward to use and get into the smaller lashes, so for that reason, I much prefer the Lancome mascara.  The formula of the Loreal Volume Million Lashes has everything you would want from a daytime stays put, it defines each lash, it adds length and it doesn't smudge.  It also has a design feature whereby any excess product is deposited in the tube as you pull the wand out so you never get that situation where you get loads of mascara goop on the brush.  Is it a good everyday, reliable mascara for the price? Yes.  Is it an amazing mascara that blows my mind and makes my lashes look fabulous? No.  I am still very fond of either lashings of YSL Singulier or a combination of Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells as a base, with Lancome Hypnose Drama over the top.  I got asked twice in one night if I was wearing false lashes when I combined these two! That's good enough for me.
I was in town shopping yesterday for honeymoon clothes with my friend and bridesmaid, Pamela.  After settling down with a latte and Lemon/poppyseed muffin at Starbucks, we headed to H & M.  After that I noticed Accessorize had a 1/2 price sale on so I had to have a look see.  Once I got in there, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the jewellery and actually realised that I never tend to wear alot of jewellery on holiday anyway.  So I settled on these cute pale blue flower hair kirbys for only £3.50! Bargainous!

Back to H & M though, which has become a favourite of mine for finding really affordable holiday clothes that may not last forever but I don't particularly like taking expensive clothes on holiday with me.  My brief for myself was light, colourful pieces that were easy to pack, easy to wash and comfortable. H & M also has a sale on at the moment so I took advantage of that!
I love this coral colour and it really seems to suit my skintone (in other word, it magically makes me look more tanned!).  I really like the unique detailing on the front and it's the type of top that's loose enough to be comfortable but still fitted enough to show your shape.  It was only £7!
Then I picked up two plain vest tops in sky blue and hot pink for £3.99 each.  These types of tops are always handy for layering when it's cooler at night time (I was thinking the hot pink one under the coral top above).  I also like them for sleeping in when we get back from holiday.
This pale pink t-shirt with clear bead embellishment on the shoulders lies just off the shoulder and looks so laid back without looking too casual.  It was down from £14.99 to £7.  It feels so light when you're wearing it and I would say that they are made quite big, I had to get a Small, but I would usually be a Medium.  It really deoends how baggy you want it to be but I prefer my clothes to be a bit more fitted to flatter my shape.  Sometimes when you have a big bust and you wear baggier clothes, it just makes you look heavier than you actually are.  It will go perfectly with a nice long pendant, the light grey shorts below, my brown tinged aviator shades and some gladiator style sandals.
I have been on the look out for some nice cotton or linen shorts with a comfortable waist and not too much detail around the waistline.  I don't like to add any bulk to my waist and prefer things to skim my body in that area.  I found these shorts in the H & M sale for £4! They are a very light cotton/linen mix and they are the perfect length for me, not too mention SUPER comfortable for lazing around on the beach, or could even be dressed up a bit for wandering around the city.  I pretty much have all the clothes I need now but I may pick up another bikini, another pair of shorts and a couple more tops.  I have a feeling that I will be changing my clothes alot by the sounds of the intense humidity over there!
Last on the list for this post is a product I wanted to mention that has made a real difference to my hair over the last couple of weeks.  It's the Bumble & Bumble Mending Complex and it's designed to be used on both damp and dry hair.  It's really a daily conditioning treatment for people with dry hair or for those who straighten/colour their hair regularly.  I like to apply a light coating to the ends of my hair either before bed or just before I dry my hair in the morning.  Since using this every day for two weeks, I noticed that my ends feel softer, don't look dry anymore and they just 'sit' better than they usually would.  It seems to minimise split ends between hair cuts and makes my hair look so much more shiny and healthy.  I will be taking this on honeymoon with me so I can apply it every day and ensure that I'm caring for my hair after it's been exposed to the blazing sun of Malaysia.  The last thing I want is another 'mohawk' situation!

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