Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Times/Bad Times


1) Wolverine - It's funny that such a small animal could entertain me and Chris so much.  He always makes me laugh when he is eating because he gets so possessive over his food...the way he turns his back on me in the video cracks me up.  I know alot of people think hamsters are just for kids, but believe me, you would be surprised how attached you get to them!
2) Wedding - It's only 9 days to go until the big day now (my mum phones every day to give me a countdown as if I'm going to forget!ha ha).  It's so nice to see how excited all our friends and family are about it and I just know it will be such a fun, happy weekend.  I'm praying for good weather and have even been checking the long range weather forecast (slightly obsessively if I'm being honest!).  I still need to sort out something old, new, borrowed and blue (apparently the bruise on my leg doesn't count!).

3) Weightloss - I have almost reached the weight that I had set as my target (I'm 2lbs away) and I really feel great.  I still feel that I need to lose another half a stone just to get rid of the little bit extra I have on the tops of my arms and my stomach but apart from that I'm really happy with my figure now.  The most important thing that I have learnt during the weightloss is that you have to try and stay positive when it comes to your body image.  Confidence is an amazing thing that can work wonders and really, life is too short not to mope around and criticise yourself.  Get out there and have fun!

4) Faith - My faith in human nature was redeemed yesterday when I sat down in a shop to try on some shoes, I put my bag down next to me while I was doing it.  Then when I went to get my phone when I left the shop, I realised I had left my bag in there! My heart stopped, what a horrible feeling.  I had alot of cash in my bag and just loads of things I didn't want to lose.  I ran back into the shop and found a girl who was sitting next to my bag, I explained that I had left it there and she said "yeah I thought someone must have forgotten it, I was just sitting next to it while the shop assistant came over, just to make sure no one nabbed it".  It's nice to know there are still alot of honest people about.


1) Sales - Why do stores always seem to start sales in the middle or end of the month when most people are running low on cash??? Arghhhh!
2) No blogging - I won't be blogging as much as usual in the next few days running up to the wedding.  I'm leaving for Loch Lomond on Thursday and then we are going straight on honeymoon so that will be me away for 2 weeks.
3) Spots - I got two huuuuge spots on my face yesterday and I am hoping and praying they settle down and fade before the weekend and especially before the wedding! It's sod's law...I don't normally get spots and then they choose to surface now of all times.  You have to laugh really!

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