Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Look haul & Wonder Product For Feet

When I was at my parents place over the weekend, I popped into town with my mum where they have a small New Look store.  They have a sale on at the moment so I couldn't resist a little sneak peek...
I love belts of all shapes and sizes because they can instantly add interest to a plain dress and give it sophisticated edge.  Not to mention the fact that they nip your waist in and concentrate on the smallest part of your waist...I never wear belts on my hips as that just doesn't suit me.  I saw the above black stretch belt with a metal bow-style clasp covered in navy blue marbled enamel and gold detail.  I fell in love with the belt as soon as I saw it and at only £7, it was a steal!
I normally hate trawling through sale racks in shops because everything looks messy, nothing is grouped together so you have to search around for your size and I prefer things to be laid out all pretty to look more enticing.  It's really hard to spot nice things when they are crammed into rails and you can't see them properly.  BUT, as the store was relatively quiet, I pushed that aside and decided to have a look see.  I found this super light cotton, dove grey biker style jacket with three quarter length sleeves.  You can also wear the sleeves long but I prefer them to be clipped up so I can reveal chunky bangles and bracelets on my wrists. This jacket is so flattering, it's slim fit so it follows the curves of your body.  It looks amazing with jeans and dresses alike and at only £10, I HAD to have it!  It's the perfect summer jacket! 
Next up, I spotted this dusky pink silk camisole with cream lace detail on the front.  It has a gathered dart in the back so it gives to suit the shape of your body...super flattering!  It looks great with the grey jacket above and only cost £7.
This floral dress was part of their older stock but I think it's a really nice easy-to-wear summer dress and it will also be great to throw on when I'm on honeymoon.  The sleeves are slightly capped which I always find is more flattering on arms and it has a slight v-shape at the front with ties.  It nips in just under the bust which makes it really flattering on curvy figures.  It will be perfect teamed with my flat tan Dune sandals and aviator shades. 
Lately I have been wearing hairbands alot but not to keep my hair out of my face.  I like to slot them in halfway into my hair so there's some hair down on my face.  It just adds a bit of interest and makes the hair look more dressed with minimal effort.  I got 4 plastic hair bands for £1 in black, cream, gold and leopard print.  They will probably come in handy on holiday when I want to get my hair out of my face though!
So I mentioned a wonder product for feet that my mum gave me to try out.  She was raving about it saying that it made her feet super soft after just one application.  It's the Proto-col Instant Pedicure and it's basically a blend of natural oils and sea salts that deeply exfoliate your feet and leave them feeling really smooth and soft.  It contains Lavender oil, Tea Tree, Evening Primrose oil and Lemongrass.  I like to smooth my soles with a foot file (gross, I know, but we all have to do it!), then soak my feet for 10-15 minutes in warm water.  Then I apply the Instant Pedicure product in circular motions both on my soles and on the tops of my feet.  I do this for a couple of minutes, paying particular attention to the soles.  Then I rinse my feet thoroughly and pat dry.  All the oils soak into your feet but I didn't find that I had oily feet after I had dried them.  My feet feel softer than they ever have before and believe me, as a high heel addict, that's really saying something! I will be using this every couple of days or so running up to the wedding just to make sure my feet are looking in tip-top condition.  I love this product because it actually does what it says it will and you only need a small amount for each application so thanks mum! She said it cost £19.55 for a 250ml jar from the GMTV website.  Click here if you want to read more.

Have you discovered any wonder products for keeping your feet looking good in summer?

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