Friday, April 29, 2011

Sponsor intro: Vitesse Moto

Sponsor intro: Vitesse Moto

Motorcycle boots by Vitesse Moto
Today is a big day for Bike EXIF: we have our first site sponsor, the new premium motorcycle boot maker Vitesse Moto. We’re especially pleased because Vitesse Moto is a great fit for our philosophy, as well as helping to secure the future of Bike EXIF. Founder John Mollanger shares our interest in iconic motorcycles and aesthetic design:

“It’s not just about the bike—whether it’s an Italian twin, a Japanese four or an English triple. It doesn’t matter if it’s recent or pre-war, a commuter in the garage or a classic in your living room. It’s about the passion for motorcycles and having a love for all things special. It’s about motorcycles as a form of art, and talking about them like others might talk about wine.”

Vitesse Moto boots are engineered for performance, but comfortable enough to be worn every day. And there’s no compromise on safety levels. Vitesse has created ‘V-Cockpit’ technology, a patented ankle management device that gives you the best possible protection-to-comfort ratio: “Our ambition at Vitesse Moto is to help you live your passion with style and safety,” says Mollanger.

There are three boots in the Vitesse Moto range:

Hunt motorcycle bootHunt Inspired by traditional work boots, Hunt gives riders a great dose of comfort and protection. Featuring an American saddle leather upper with adjustable lace–up construction. €175.00 (around US$235).

Glove motorcycle bootGlove A sleek, fitted piece of soft, breathable leather with racetrack features. For riders who want comfort through the day and the freedom to drag their knees on Sundays. €200.00 (around US$265).

Vulcan motorcycle booVulcan The lowest cut in the range, but still incorporating V-Cockpit technology. Inspired by vintage athletic sneakers, Vulcan uses a waxed canvas upper material. Just €150.00 (around US$200).

Vitesse Moto boots are available worldwide and sold exclusively via a secure online store, with downloadable fitment tools to ensure accurate sizing. Check out the Vitesse range here; you can also find the company on Facebook and Twitter.

Motorcycle boots by Vitesse Moto
Vitesse Moto motorcycle boots

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