Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding, Dupe List, Exercise & Summer Sandals

Apparently around 750 million people around the world tuned into watch the royal wedding this morning and I too sat in anticipation to see what Kate would be wearing.  I was surprised at first to see her choice as I thought she might buck the trend and go with something a bit more modern.  However, keeping in mind that royal brides have to keep their arms covered in Westminster Abbey and the fact that Kate will some day become the future Queen of England, I guess it's no surprise that she kept it elegant and classical. 

Her dress was very reminiscent of the one Grace Kelly wore to her own wedding.  It seemed fitting as Grace Kelly was also considered to be a 'commoner' marrying a prince!  Kate's dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and was ivory and white satin gazar with French Chantilly lace.  I liked the fact that she did her own makeup too saying that she wanted William to see her as she normally looked in every day life.  I enjoyed watching all the pomp and ceremony and I think you'll agree that she looked stunning.  I also LOVED the ivory Alexander McQueen bridesmaid's dress her sister simple and gorgeous!

Apart from the happy couple, the guests who stood out to me were Earl Spencer's three daughters; Kitty (20), and twins Eliza and Katya (18) shown in the picture above.  All three of them are stunning and represent an altogether more modern side to the royal family.  They are of course the nieces of the late Princess Diana.  Earl Spencer (Diana's brother) married model, Catherine Victoria Lockwood and this may explain where the three girls got their stunning looks!  They all now live in Cape Town, South Africa following their parent's divorce and I reckon they all looked amazing at the wedding this morning.

Kitty Spencer donned the cover of society bible, Tatler Magazine in April 2009 following her mother's cover appearance 19 years previously.  It really is a sign of the times to see members of royalty posing in magazines and maybe it's a sign that some of them are ready to be more open about their lives and who they are.  I guess it's the age of celebrity but I just hope they remember to keep some things under wraps as there are many pitfalls to becoming a 'celeb'! Kitty is studying politics and psychology at the University of Cape Town and is carrying on the trend of getting with 'commoners' by dating a former lifeguard/former model/surfer, no less!

I only came across this in the last few days and you guys may have known about this for ages BUT just in case you hadn't...

Temptalia have a brilliant section on their website called the Make Up Dupe List where you can type in a particular product and find something similar or almost identical! It evens colour-rates and describes the products by how close they resemble what you're looking for.  Genius! So handy if a product you love has been discountued, is a little too expensive for your budget or you just can't seem to get hold of it anywhere.  They add to the list all the time so keep checking for your favourites.

I had been looking into ways of mixing up my exercise routine and came across these videos on You Tube by Karena and Katrina who are certified personal trainers.  Apparently they are the most viewed fitness gurus online so a lot of you have probably heard of them already.  The girls have opened a fitness studio in Hermosa Beach and launched their own “Tone It Up with Karena & Katrina” workout DVD series. They have also donned the covers and editorials of magazines such as Shape, Triathlete, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Marie Claire, In Style, Vogue and Fitness. 

Their website is also fantastic and offers healthy recipes, printable exercise routines and loads more.  I simply watch one of their videos before I go to the gym and then just copy it when I get there.  It's a great way of trying some new work-outs and making sure your body isn't getting too used to anything.  After all, the key to progress in fitness is variety and not just performing the same exercises/routines every day!  I love their videos because they come across as friendly, knowledgeable and even a little goofy sometimes...which I like!

They always play great music over their workouts which really gets you in the mood to get moving.  My aim is not to get super ripped like they are as that wouldn't suit my body type.  Also, to be quite honest, I like having womanly curves and would miss them should they disappear!  So my plan is to use their workouts to tone myself up for summer.  I just wish I could work out on the beach like they do!  I could go work out on Aberdeen beach but I would have to wear a wooly jumper to do so!

And lastly, I spotted these summer sandals on the Dune website recently and I'm in lurrrrve! I want them! I want them!  They are £65 which I do think is a bit hefty, however my Dune sandals I bought two years ago are still going strong so maybe they could be described as a sound investment?
Would they jangle when I walked and annoy the hell outta me and everyone else? Yes.  Do I still want them? Yes. 

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